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Ghost Ants

Ghost ants:

AKA annoying small little black ants, sugar ants, those little b@$%#!*&... you know the word. These small yet invasive ants will find anything good to snack on in your house. You may notice these annoying little ants in your kitchen and bathrooms a lot of the times.

While they do love your sweets kept in the kitchen, they will also get into any sweet soaps and or lotions as well. Water is also a main source that they seek as well, which is why they are notorious for hanging around sinks!

Ghost ants have a different genetic makeup, so treating these forms of ants is much different than our others! As you can see, this gel bait is the most effective way to get rid of ghost ants. The goal (like any ant colony) is to off the queen. These little buggers will take pieces of the bait back to their colony (they mistake it for food) and will feed what they have to their fellow colony members. Once the queen dies, the colony becomes "brainless" and can no longer live!

One way to tell what a ghost ant is? Well, it's in the name! Their bodies are see-through, but their heads are black.

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