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About Us

Geno's Pest Control was founded in April of 2018. We have been proudly servicing our communities near and far! While located in Okeechobee, we service as far north as Sebastian, FL to as far south as Boca Raton, FL! Built on honesty and integrity, we here at Geno's promise to give the best quality service we can with a smile.

Who We Are

Geno's Pest Control started business in April 2018. Geno and his son, Sidney, were determined to create their own pest control business, thus creating Geno's Pest Control. With 30 years experience and knowledge combined, our owners Geno and Sidney take pride in our reliable service provided to our customers.


Geno and Sidney strive for integrity and honesty when treating your home while believing in being your knowledgeable and affordable pest control service. Geno's Pest Control is a not only a business, but a legacy. We are devoted to preserving our legacy and reputation of our business, while providing top quality service care to our customers. We're here to answer and educate on the many wonderful pests that live here in Florida!


All products used by Geno's Pest Control are human and pet safe.

Call/Text Today 772 - 203 - 8592

Sindey  Drake treating yard
Geno & Elaina

Our Office Team

Here in our office, we strive to connect and help our customers in every which way. Sherry and Taylor are the one's setting schedules, taking calls, accounting, you name it! All while taking care and watching Sidney and Taylor's daughter Elaina. 

While they may not be in the field, they do operate behind the scenes to make sure our customers are taken care of. Sherry has been in the pest control industry for many years alongside her husband Geno. Taylor joined the team officially in September of 2022. 

The office is never short of busy, but while running the office, Sherry and Taylor get to watch and care for Elaina. A nice break from the busy days!

What We Do

Just moved to Florida with some unwanted guests in your home? Been living here and tired of dealing with all the pest Florida has to offer?

Here at Geno's Pest Control, we will cover your pest control and termite needs! Our affordable pest control service will cover you for ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, rats, mice, and fire ants! We are here to help you in the best way possible. 

Termites can be a problem for most homeowners here in the state of Florida. They are the most destructive insect to your family home. Termite treatments are common for the homebuying/selling process. While termite treatments are not covered by any home insurance, Geno's Pest Control will help you get that taken care of!

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