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Flying Ants or Termites?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Ants and termites are very common in the state of Florida. What many may not know are the difference between our flying ants and our termite swarmer's.

Just like our weather season's, Florida comes with a bug season as well. When Spring rolls around, we start to find more of our pests coming back to life. A common misconception is our flying ants and termites. In order to help identify our different type of winged insects, a diagram has been provided to help look out for these specific indicators.

Termites will have a distinctive appearance. Their wings are longer than the body, and consistent in size and shape. The body shape is not "broken up", along with having straight antennae that droop in front. Now keep in mind, they may be a different color and not just a light brown! Unfortunately with Florida, we have quite a few different types.

Flying ants are, as shown, much different than a termite when looking up close! Flying ants have the typical ant body, which means they have a pinched waist and very bulbus! The wings are longer in the front, with a short hind wing. The antennae also bend, they are not straight and droopy like a termite!

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